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Elders & Deacons Training
4 May 2024
The Asian Institute of Calvin Studies of PCS will be conducting the Elders and Deacons Training Course in Chinese and English concurrently.

Workshop - Beauty in Brokenness
26 Apr 2024
Come join us for a morning workshop! Discover beauty in brokenness and imperfection through a mosaic-art process.

Forum on Strengthening Faith Strengthening Family
13 Apr 2024
Objective: 1. To reflect together biblically about faith and family in contemporary society. 2. To respond together faithfully to the challenges of strengthening faith and family.

Holy Week Convention -
The Cross through the Lens of the Psalms

27-29 Mar 2024
This Holy Week, we'd like to invite you to reflect on Jesus' Passion by meditating on selected Psalms of Lament.

Elders Deacons Training
26 Aug & 30 Sep, 2023
Venue: Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church
Time: 2-5pm

Good Start's 2023 Early Childhood Conference
29 Sep 2023
Themed "Effecting Change in Our Classrooms, this conference is focused on providing practical handles for early childhood practitioners and parents.

TTC Open House 2023
23 Aug 2023
Considering a theological education? Come join us for lectures, worship at our chapel...

Teachers' Day Dedication Service 2023 - RIDING OUT THE STORM
19 Aug 2023

Good Start Run
12 Aug 2023
Uncle Nghee Huat is running the 346km ultra-marathon Race Across Scotland to raise funds for the Educational Support Programme.

Seminar: Supporting Students' Communication Needs
3-5 Aug 2023
Join us for a 3-day seminar where we'll learn about Supporting Students' Communication Needs in school and at home.

Presbyterian Heritage Series
22 Jul & 5 Aug 2023
Rev Kelvin Chen would be sharing with us on our Presbyterian Heritage over 2 sessions: Presbyterian History & Presbyterian Distinctives.

Kairos Course
22 Mar to 17 May, 2023
The Kairos Course is a nine-session, interactive course designed to educate, and challenge Christians to become a world Christian.

Cajon Socials
13 Apr 2023
Connect with fellow Christian singles in a high energy team-building Cajon workshop!

Holy Week Convention 2023
5-7 Apr 2023
The cross, a symbol of suffering and death in the ancient world, has become the defining symbol of Christianity.

EP Family Conference 2023
24 & 25 Feb 2023
A two-day conference to help us grow as God's Spiritual Family to fulfil God's Great Commission.

CPC's Chinese Ministry 20th Anniversary Concert - Love In Action
9 Jul 2022
Join us as we come together to celebrate our Chinese Ministry's 20 anniversary.

Synod Training and Exposure Programme (STEP) 2022
9 - 27 May 2022
The Synod will be resuming its eight Synod Training and Exposure Programme (STEP) with adherence to the latest COVID-19 restrictions.

Kairos Course
29-Mar to 28-May, 2022
The Kairos Course is a nine-session, interactive course designed to educate, inspire and challenge Christians to active and meaningful participation in the World Christian Movement.

Find Out More about Studying at TTC
19 Jan 2022, 8-9pm
Find out more about studying at TTC by signing up for their January 2022 online event.

PCS 140th Anniversary: Synod Youth Talking Point 2021 - Christian & Social Inequality
30 Dec 2021, 8pm
Synod Youth Council (SYC) has invited distinguished speaker, Dr Tan Lai Yong, to share with us on the topic of "Christian & Social Inequality".

Volunteers Mobilisation - Love in Action: Uncovering the Heart of Volunteerism - Together
30 Oct 2021
The Presbyterian Care Singapore – Network (PCS-N) is organising its inaugural webinar conference.

Synod Mission Council Opens Local Mission Consultation 2021
23 Oct 2021
The recently released Singapore Census of Population 2020 revealed religious inclinations and trends of Singaporeans.

CK100 Dedication Service
9 Oct 2021
Founded in 1921 by Rev. Tay Sek Tin and a group of Chinese businessmen who saw the importance of early childhood education, the Chinese Kindergarten is celebrating her 100th Anniversary this year.

Early Childhood Chinese Language Symposium 2021
25 Sep 2021
The Christian Preschool Alliance and Chinese Kindergarten invites all Christian preschool educators, parents and stakeholders to join this exciting symposium on 25 Sep 2021.

Teachers' Day Dedication Service 2021 - Building Together Hand in Hand
28 Aug 2021
We come from different churches & different denominations; we work at different preschools, in different locations.

PCS 140th Anniversary Combined Prayer Meetings starting April
Apr-Jul 2021
The Presbyterian Church in Singapore will be commemorating our 140th Anniversary this year, on 11 July 2021.

Kairos Course: God, the Church and the World
Apr-Jun 2021
The Kairos Course is a nine-session, interactive course designed to educate, inspire and challenge Christians.

Synod Training and Exposure Programme (STEP) 2021
10 May to 28 May, 2021
The Synod will be resuming its seventh Synod Training and Exposure Programme (STEP) after a hiatus in 2020 in view of COVID-19 restrictions.

English Presbytery Holy Week Convention 2021
31 Mar, 1 and 2 Apr 2021
This year, the English Presbytery's Holy Week Convention will happen on 31 March, 1 and 2 April. The theme for this year's convention is the Cross in Psalm 22 & 23.

Synod Youth Council: "Social engagement in the digital age: Worthy or Worthless?" Webinar
28 Jan 2021
'Digital' has become omnipresent in our lives, seeing how by the start of 2020, 88% of Singapore's population has access the Internet.

TTC Open House 2021
20 Jan 2021

Synod to Organise a Livestream and Sermon Production Workshop for Churches on 9 Dec
09 Dec 2020
Earlier this year, churches found themselves facing a situation they have never faced before, when doors of the church were forced shut as physical services ceased. Everything was forced to move online.

Join the Family Violence Talk for All Church Members This August
26 Aug 2020
As families find themselves gathered together under one roof due to regulations to curb the spread of the pandemic...

Registration for Christian Preschool Teachers' Day Dedication Service 2020 has started!
22 Aug 2020
Dear fellow Christians serving in the early Childhood sector, being a Christian preschool worker is more than just a job. It is missional and a mission field. A specific calling.

PLATFORM Webinar: Crafting Evangelistic Messages For A Changing World
19 Aug 2020
With the invited speaker Dr Jim L. Wilson, on 19 August 2020.

Educarer Aide Training (ECAT)
Feb-Jul 2020
Do you know anyone or are you eligible to be trained as a Teacher Childcare Aide? Join PCS in their new initiative happening in Feb 2020!

Connecting, by English Presbytery
9 May 2020
Connecting Ministry is an initiative organised by the English Presbytery that seeks to facilitate the connecting of Christian singles.

EP Holy Week Convention 2020
8, 9, and 10 Apr 2020
Leading up to Good Friday and Easter Sunday, the EP Holy Week Convention 2020, organised by the English Presbytery, will be held from 8th to 10th April 2020.

A Call to Compassionate Engagement
22 Feb 2020
As a follow-up to our seminar on "Biblical Manhood & Womanhood - Sexuality, Singleness & Marriage" (August 2018), the Synod is organizing a seminar entitled: A Call to Compassionate Engagement.

TTC Open House 2020
22 Jan 2020
Come join us for lectures, worship at the chapel, interact with faculty and students during community lunch, tour the campus, and have a one-to-one meeting with faculty if advice is needed.

Chinese Presbytery Seminar: Innovative Transformation for Today's Asia
14 Sep 2019
Speaker: President Tim Cheng of The Christian Tribune, Taiwan. Free Entry. We welcome elders, deacons, ministry leaders and brethren in the Media industry.

Dedication Service for Early Childhood Teachers and Staff
31 Aug 2019
This service is for all Christian early childhood teachers and staff to come together to this platform where they can stand together as one body in Christ, to proclaim His Lordship and His Kingdom-garten Work.

Let's WALK it out!
9 Aug 2019
Team hike from VivoCity to Labrador Park; Enjoying beauty of nature and building designs; Appreciating Christian fellowship through small group interaction, worship, games and buffet brunch at City Beach Resort; Come celebrate National Day with us, dress in red and white!

ECDC Regulatory Compliance Workshop & Consultation
Jul 2019
By Lim Ee Tuo, Director, St. James' Preschool Services. Workshop for preschool principals to understand the ECDC Act and Regulations. Learn how you can better design your school fees, programme and services. Participants will also work together to develop SOPs and Templates for your centres.


Nepal Afterglow 2019
13 Jul 2019
Synod Mission Council's Nepal Afterglow event on 13 Jul 2019 from 2pm to 5pm held at Glory Presbyterian Church. We want to trace the hands of God thus far since He has open doors opportunities for Synod to do community and mission work after major earthquake that happened in April 2015 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

PCS Flag Day 2019
6 Jul 2019
We need voluteers. Register as our Flag Day Ambassador.
AM Shift: 9am - 1pm
PM Shift: 1pm - 5pm
Full Shift: 9am - 5pm.

Synod Teaching Exposure Program
13 May to 31 May, 2019
Organised by Synod Youth Council, an annual event put together by our very own Presbyterian leaders. 3 weeks of intense teaching by noted Christian leaders. Gathering of young adults from different Presbyterian Churches. A journey of discovery about our heritage. Visits to established Christian institutions of higher learning.

Synod Youth Talking Point
30 May 2019
Topic: Depression & Emotional Wellness. Speaker: Eunice Quek. Synopsis: signs of our times, science of our times, scripture of our times and solution of our times.

Better Half Ministry - Lunch Cum High-Tea
1 May 2019
Activities & programmes for Christian singles in EP Churches to connect. Making new friends is the first step in finding your better-half! Come and join this event! Please read on for eligibility and other terms and conditions for participation.

EP Holy Week Convention 2019
17 Apr, 18 Apr & 19 Apr, 2019
The Transforming Power of the Cross. Speaker: Rev Dr Patrick Fung, General Director of OMF International.

AICS Public Lecture - The Divine Decree to the Fall?
28 Mar 2019
John Calvin's notion of the Predestination of the Fall and its implication for a Reformed Defence against Evil. All are welcome! Speaker: Rev Dr Edmund Fong.

Spiritual Retreat Weekend at TTC
15 - 16 Mar 2019
Led by Rev Dr Simon Chan & Rev Dr Jimmy Tan.

Trinity Theological College Open House 2019
23 Jan 2019
Come join us for lectures, worship at the chapel, interact with faculty and students during community lunch, tour the campus, and have a one-to-one meeting with faculty if advice is needed.

SYIP 2018/9
3 Dec 2018 to 27 Jan 2019
Synod Youth Internship Programme 2018/2019.

Synod Interpreters Forum 2018
11 Aug 2018
Basic concepts of interpretation with Lee Hui Huan. A forum for members of Presbyterian Churches who are currently serving, or who are keen to serve in the interpretation ministry for their speakers on the pulpit.

AICS Lecture - Double Grace in John Calvin's Theology Revisited
17 Jul 2018
The gospel according to John Calvin is said to take on both narrow and expansive senses, with key ideas dispersed throughout his writings. In particular, some scholars argue that Calvin's doctrine of "Union with Christ" is the central motif for the gospel itself.

i Love CHRISTmas Appeal 2017
Dec 2017
Sharing love through our services...Our Seniors Activity Centres (SACs): Sarah SAC @ Jalan Bt Merah, Evergreen Circle SAC @ Tampines, Hannah SAC @ Toh Yi, Martha SAC @ Upper Serangoon; Dorcas Home Care; Emergency Relief Scheme; Integrated Programme.

PCS Flag Day 2017
9 Dec 2017
Flag Day 2017 volunteer recruitment.

The Reformation - Then and Now
26-28 Oct 2017
Celebrating Reformation's 500th aniversary. The Reformation of the 1500s changed the world. How is it still changing the world today? Come and listen to 3 talks that will challenge us.

Synod Translators' Workshop 2017
11 Nov 2017
Be a better translator for the Presbyterian Church and your ministry.

Reformed 500 Tour - Tracing the Presbyterian Roots
26-Oct-2017 to 5-Nov-2017
Join the tour, spanning Edinburgh, Geneva, Zurich, Wittenberg and Berlin. Gain deeper insights into the lives of Martin Luther, John Calvin and John Knox among others who made significant contributions to the Reformed Tradition and our Presbyterian Roots.

A Comparison of John Calvin's Theology of Baptism to Martin Luther
12 Oct 2017
Speaker Rev. Samuel Wang is an ordained minister of the Lutheran Church in Singapore. Prior to joining Trinity Theological College (TTC) he worked as a history teacher and subsequently worked as a pastor in the Lutheran Church in Singapore.

Special Women's Heritage Tour
4 Sep 2017
The Synod Women's Council has designed a historical trail that will take your Church female members through the development of the women ministries.

Nepal Afterglow - God is Calling
19 Aug 2017
A major earthquake of 7.8 magnitude hit Nepal in April 2015, killing 9,000 people, injuring near 22,000 and making homeless 2.8 million. Thank God that PCS was able to respond with a $356,546 collection for disaster relief for basic food, shelter provision for 7,500 families, financial aids for 750 children, living subsidies for 1044 families, with 8 schools rebuilt.

Synod Training and Exposure Programme (STEP)
15-May-2017 to 02-Jun-2017
The objective of STEP is to equip and inspire emerging adults who have leadership potential to serve in local Presbyterian churches.

Synod Youth Internship Programme
05-Dec-2016 to 26-Jan-2017
Ministry leadership, maturing in word and spirit and mission exposure trip. If you have been actively involved in church ministry & fellowship for at least one year and looking for a meaningful way to spend your holidays, come join us!

Nepal Disaster Relief
Remember the Nepal earthquake last year? Our friends at the Life Care Society participated in disaster relief operations.

Regulations Governing Usage of Collective Marks
Dec 2015
Our lawyers have recently filed a registration with IPOS with regard to the usage of our Name and Burning Bush logo. Please click here to download the Regulations governing the usage of our Collective Marks as filed with IPOS.


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