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2024 Synod Nepal Medical Camp Report (12-20 Apr 2024)
Jun 2024

Location: CHITWAN AREA (Makwanpur and Majuigaon), Nepal (see map attached)

Number of Trooper: 20 + 1 (Ps Timothy) included 3 medical doctors, 2 dentists and 2 pharmacists

Churches involved:

  • Glory Presbyterian Church,
  • All Saints Presbyterian Church,
  • Katong Presbyterian Church,
  • Prinsep Street Presbyterian Church.
  • Pilgrim Covenant Church
  • Christ Methodist Church


  • Auntie Asangla, Nepal Bishram Church, Kathmandu (Mission logistics support, Transport and provide interpreters and fund managemen)
  • Ps Timothy, Synod local Rep (observer and learning for future roles in Synod Mission)
  • Ms Faith from Boarder Mission (ordering of medical supply)

Day   Date Description Remarks
1 12/4/24 Fri         Singapore – Kathmandu (Evening flight) SQ 442 SG(1855hrs) - KTM(2210hrs)
2 13/4/24 Sat Attend morning service in 2 local churches.. To pack medicine and to settle logistics in the afternoon
3 14/4/24 Sun Depart Kathmandu to Chitwan by road Est 5 hours. 2 x 16-seater coaches
4 15/4/24 Mon Chitwan - Makwanpur – Chitwan Clinic Session 1
4-wheel drive (1.5hrs from Chitwan)
5 16/4/24 Tue Chitwan - Makwanpur – Chitwan Clinic Session 2
4-wheel drive (1.5hrs from Chitwan)
6 17/4/24 Wed Chitwan - Majuigaon (fishing village) – Chitwan Clinic Session 3
4-wheel drive (1 hr from Chitwan)
7 18/4/24 Thu Explore Chitwan National Park Rest and Recreation
8 19/4/24 Fri Chitwan to Kathmandu To settle medicine and logistics issues in the afternoon
9 20/4/24 Sat
21/2/24 Sun
Kathmandu – Singapore (midnight flight) Attend service at Ps Timothy's church 11am- 1pm
Cultural Tour lead by Ps Timothy 1-6pm
SQ441 KTM(2310hrs) – SG (21/4 0630hrs)

3 Days Medical Camp (Base at Chitwan: Jungle Safari Lodge)

Day 1: Rakshirang Village, Makwanpur (Planned Target patients Medical 300/ Dental 50)

Mountain region. Patients had to travel at least 2 hours to reach the medical station located at a school. The route to the village was challenging as the bus (special all-wheel drive bus) charted had to travel thru dry river bed and sand quarry. Road is extremely dusty and undulating; the troopers had to put on mask under such condition. It took about 2.5-3 hours to reach the location form the hotel in Chitwan.

Number of patients treated: Medical 142, Dental 42, Total 184

Day 2: Rakshirang Village, Makwanpur (Planned Target patients Medical 300/ Dental 50)

Though there were great need for various medical care in this area, the reason for fewer patients come to the medical station were due to hot weather (average 37C) and the farmers need to do farming in the morning where the weather is cooler. Most of them came in at about 10-11 am to the station, after the farm work. Fewer coming in in the afternoon due to extreme hot weather.

Number of patients treated: Medical 136, Dental 24, Total 160

Day 3: Majhui, Chitwan (Planned Target patients Medical 300/ Dental 50)

The Village was located very near to our resort (about 40 minutes of traveling time). Road condition was good and the terrain was flat. The medical station was located at a school with good facilities. The people here were relatively better in living condition. It is like a small town.

Number of patients treated: Medical 298, Dental 100, Total 398

Total for 3 days the Drs and Dentists had treated 742 patients (Medical 576, Dental 166)


Planned OperaKons Budget: $18,300
Funding support: $18,000 (Synod $8,000, GPC $5,000, ASPC $5,000)

Actual Expenditure: $13,576.21 about 74% of planned budget.

Savings are mainly from the revision of transport requirement with the mission partner on the ground to find the most cost effective means eg instead of using jeeps we used bus (though it was a bit challenging for the troopers) and the purchasing of medical supply on consignment basis and from a wholesaler (recommended by Ms Faith - a SG missionary from Singapore).

Note: The troopers absorbed the cost of the air tickets (about $1250) and accommodations (About $250 for twin sharing). Total about $1,500 per person.

Lesson Learned:

  1. Need a trusted local partner like Auntie Asangla from Nepal Bishram Church. She is resourceful in providing the following support:
    1. Providing government documents on the approval of the medical camp and the clearance for the equipment to be brought over.
    2. Strong logistics support (except for medical supply) and able to provide all requirements at a reasonable cost.
    3. Good local contact on hotel booking, transport arrangement and money changer.
    4. She can be trusted and is helping to manage our expenses account and provide a consolidated statement at the end of the trip and sign off with a consolidated receipt by the organisation.
  2. The trip should be arrange in Mar as the weather will be cooler.
  3. Provide some subsidies for the trooper. $1500 per pax is a bit costly. As they may want to reserve some money to participate in own church missions.
  4. To look for more young adults to participate and to lead the mission.
  5. Get Ps Timothy's church to participate actively eg interpretation. Also to provide medical clinic for his "sheep" too.


Unity had shown in the team in serving the Lord, despite harsh conditions. All of them carried out their task diligently and had shown the spirit of a Christian for being the salt and lights to the non-Christian community. The partners had integrated well with us with a common mission. Though we are unable to meet the daily target of 300 medical and 50 dental patients per day, many of us still serve with joy. It is a worthwhile mission for the people of Nepal and it should be continued yearly.

Desmond Yeo
Team Leader for 24 Nepal Medical Camp.

Location map:


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