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The Presbyterian Church in Singapore (PCS) shares the historical and theological roots of all Presbyterian and Reformed Churches, namely confessional, constitutional, and connectional.

Confessional / Covenantal
As a member of the Worldwide Body of Christ, PCS subscribes to the Apostles' Creed, confessing our belief in God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
PCS shares the historical and theological roots of the worldwide family of the Presbyterian and Reformed Churches; as such, it subscribes to the Westminster Confession of Faith.
Constitutional / Legislative
As a Presbyterian Church, PCS is committed to the Presbyterian form of government whereby men and women are ordained and elected into the offices of Ministers, Elders and Deacons. Preachers are Ministers-in-Training. Men and women who are elected into these officers form the body of leadership of the church - teaching and caring for the flock.
The unique feature of Presbyterian Church government lies in neither congregational nor episcopalism; it is governed by a common constitution agreed upon by member churches. The constitution reinforces the solidarity of the fellowship or union of Presbyterian churches; there is no variation of church government from one Presbyterian Church to another.
Connectional / Relational
The strength of the Presbyterian Church lies in its understanding and practice of "the communion of saints". Diachronically, PCS sees herself as an integral part of the continuous fellowship of believers throughout the ages. This is upheld by PCS's efforts in connecting and collaborating with other Churches of similar theological persuasions and practices, affirming the shared heritage of the historic apostolic faith.
Each member church of PCS does not see itself as an independent, unconnected unit. Rather, while each PCS member church sees itself as the church, it also recognises the need for the fellowship with member churches to form the Presbyterian Church of Singapore. In turn, PCS sees herself as a member of the universal invisible Church of Jesus Christ.
This understanding of Church motivates member churches to be active in participating in the body life of PCS - financial, fiscal, time and talents - so as to help PCS as a Church to fulfil the Great Commission, which includes bearing corporate witness for Christ in our society and beyond.


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