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Executive - Communications




This job description should be considered as a guideline to the tasks required of the post holder and in no way represents a comprehensive definition of the roles and its expectations. All details here are subject to change and expansion.


The Executive Communications is directly responsible to assist the General Secretary and General Manager in carrying out for communications and publicity relation functions in the execution of the Synod vision and mission.

To establish various communication platforms for the official internal and external communication, publicity and public relations channel of the Synod of the Presbyterian Church in Singapore, supporting the Synod’s ministries and mission by narrating the PCS’s story and bringing people together in ways that build community.


Communications & Public Relations

  1. Responsible for all internal/ external communication, publicity and public relations issues of PCS and the local churches.
  2. Cover Synod, PCS and its Presbyteries and schools and church events and functions to gather news for newsletters, website and archive purposes (including taking photographs and interviews).
  3. Work closely with all levels of staff, co-workers, churches, committees and organizations to gather and communicate official news and information to promote PCS core values, vision and mission, ministries and strategies to the churches.
  4. Establish and maintain PCS corporate identity with standard designs, logos and trademarks for all PCS letterheads/forms, newsletters, website, publicity materials, church directory, cards, name cards, gifts, souvenirs, CDs, and resource items like ties, stoles, baptism certificates, membership books etc.

Website / IT Management

  1. Design, maintain and update PCS website and its contents, insert/publish current Synod and its Presbyteries events periodically.
  2. Update Synod directories and office bearers in website and in print.

Archive / Research PCS Historical Events

  1. Develop and build up archive of Synod, PCS and its Presbyteries historical and significant events/functions with write-ups and photographs.
  2. Maintain and label soft (microfilm) and hard copies of such archives/records for availability and future reference.

Publications & other media communications

  1. Responsible for the publication of the quarterly Synod Newsletters (in print or other media) including its planning, collating, writing, editing, gathering of news/articles, translating, designing, printing and distribution to churches.
  2. Responsible for the designing, writing and printing of all publicity brochures, mailers, leaflets and other publications related to Synod or the Presbyteries events/functions.

Other duties

  1. Be the personal assistant to the General Secretary of the Synod of the Presbyterian Church in Singapore.
  2. Coordinate and do translation work for all communications and publicity articles/messages and for Synod office.
  3. Be involved in Synod’s activities, projects, seminars etc.
  4. Perform any other duties that may be assigned by the General Secretary/General Manager.


  1. Excellent written and verbal communication skills (in English and Chinese) are essential. Good translation skills.
  2. Creative, good communication and writing skills, able to relate with all levels of people, able to work independently and possess initiative.
  3. Proficient in web design/hosting and content management are necessary in today’s environment.
  4. Experience: Minimum 3 years of relevant experience in various communications media, procedures and concepts and publications.
  5. Skills Preferred: Strong computer knowledge and skills in Microsoft Office, Power Point, Publisher and Chinese Translation software and able to use social media as communication tool.
  6. Qualification: A General Degree

Candidates must be a practicing Christian of good standing.

Interested persons may apply to:

    General Manager,
    The Presbyterian Church in Singapore
    132 Sophia Road
    Singapore 228186


    Submit completed Job Application form and resume to:

Closing Date: 24 January 2020

Executive Secretary - Ministries

PURPOSE of this Position:

  1. To provide executive management to achieve the goals set for the various Ministries’ functions of the Presbyterian Church in Singapore.
  2. In conjunction with Committee Chairpersons, grow Synod’s involvement of in existing and/or new ministry areas.


Incumbent: Reports to General Manager, PCS,

In conjunction with Chairpersons of various Ministry Committees:

  1. Develops plans to achieve key results areas that Synod Exco has approved for each Committee of the Presbyterian Church in Singapore.
  2. Organizes, coordinates, supports and monitors the monthly, quarterly and yearly work plans of each Synod Committees and to ensure delivery of goals set for each Committee.
  3. In conjunction with the Chairperson of each Committee, proposes and develops new initiatives to grow Synod’s involvement in the various ministry areas of PCS.
  4. Develops strong and growing relationship with leaders of member-churches to facilitate mutual understanding of our partnership in each ministry area.
  5. Serves as the conduit of information between member-churches, the Presbytery and the Synod of the PCS.
  6. Serves as the administrative conduit between Synod Committees, the Presbyteries and member-churches.
  7. Oversees the effective running of each Ministry area of the Synod.
  8. Maintains and updates all data files, correspondences and all relevant records pertaining to operation and administration of each Ministry of the Presbyterian Church in Singapore.
  9. Executes specific assigned tasks delegated from the office of the General Manager.

a. Qualification:

  • Tertiary education with minimum 5 years’ experience in administrative and management functions.
  • Proven ability to develop new initiatives, plan and manage process to deliver on agreed results.

b. Personal Characteristics:

  • A team player, amicable personality, independent, proactive, meticulous, dependable, confident, calm, and flexible.
  • Possess a respectful disposition and able to value others.

c. Christian Ministry Experience:

  • Strong understanding/experience in Christian Ministry work.

d. Communication Skills:

  • Good command of both the English and Chinese languages.
  • Ability to communicate effectively in speaking and writing.
  • A good listener who can provide constructive feedback and instructions.

e. Other Business Skills

  • Strong proficiency in Microsoft Office.
  • Ability to multi-task and delegate

f. Relationship Qualities:

  • Ability to establish and sustain good relationship with all internal and external stakeholders/organizations.
  • Willingness to support co-workers and work together as a team
  • A good and effective mediator

Candidates must be a practicing Christian of good standing.

Interested persons may apply to:

    General Manager,
    The Presbyterian Church in Singapore
    132 Sophia Road
    Singapore 228186


    Submit completed Job Application form and resume to:

Closing date: 31st January 2020

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